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Canadian Musical Theatre Festival
November 21-26, 2006
Papermill Theatre, Toronto

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For directions to the Papermill Theatre,
including info on the Todmorden Mills Heritage Site, click here.

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Here's the
as it stands now

Tuesday November 21, 8:00 PM - Opening Gala
Wednesday November 22, 8:00 PM - Symposium on The Canadian Musical Theatre
Thursday November 23, 8:00 PM - A Tribute To Norman Campbell
Friday November 24, 8:00 PM - A Showcase Reading of FIREWEEDS
Saturday November 25, 1:30-4:30 PM - Showcase Readings of  Musicals In Development
Saturday November 25, 8:00 PM - A Showcase Reading of  THE GIANT'S GARDEN
Sunday November 26, 2:00-5:00 PM A Concert Of Songs from Musicals In Development

Writers, Performers. Directors, Producers, General Support


There is still time for writers to submit shows-in-progress for possible inclusion in our weekend of readings and showcases.  We plan to showcase up to a dozen (or perhaps even more) shows on the Saturday and Sunday - doing anywhere from a single song to a full reading.  If you would like to submit your show for consideration, please send me a note ASAP to  Hard copy (scripts, CDs, scores) can be sent to:
ScriptLab Submissions,
c/o LL7 - 45 Charles St. E.,
Toronto, Ontario,
M4Y 1S2

Performers, Directors:

We welcome submissions from musical theatre performers and directors who have availability for some or all of the dates of the Festival.  Some availability will be required between mid-September and the Festival Week in November, but, wherever possible, rehearsals will be scheduled to suit the availability of the artists.  Please submit your interest (including pictures and resumés if possible) to - please don't mail in hard copies of your photos at this time, thanks.

General Support:

We also welcome you to volunteer to help us out offstage - front of house, producing, planning, etc.  If this is of interest to you, please download the following pdf, which outlines all the available positions.
Help Wanted

In More Detail

Tuesday November 21, 8:00 PM
Opening Gala
An Actors' Fund Benefit
"An Entertaining And Fast-Paced Tribute To
The History Of Musical Theatre in Canada"
from My Fur Lady to The Drowsy Chaperone
Scenes and Songs from
Spring Thaw, My Fur Lady, Anne Of Green Gables, Johnny Belinda, Rock And Roll,
Billy Bishop Goes To War, Mr. Scrooge, Napoleon, The House Of Martin Guerre,
Eight To The Bar, Something's Rockin',
Colours In The Storm, Duddy, Jasper Station and more to come!
Performances and Appearances by:
Leslie Arden, Louise Pitre, Sherry Garner, Stephanie Graham, David Warrack, Sam Strasfeld, Elodie Gillett,  Adam Brazier, Adrian Marchuk, Sandy Winsby, Janet MacEwen, Paula Wolfson, Charlotte Moore, Bob Ashley, Ed Henderson, Pat Rose, Diane Stapley, Bob Hewus, Michael Mulrooney, the ScriptLab Ensemble, Allen Cole, Judy Marshak,
Julie Martell, Alison Neale, Esther Jaciuk, Meredith Shaw, Jeff Madden, Ray Storey, Sterling Jarvis, Kirk White, Michael Rawley, Allan Gillespie, Natalie Daradich, Rob Torr, and more to come!

Wednesday November 22
, 8:00 PM
Symposium on The Canadian Musical Theatre

"Where We've Been, Where We Are, and Where We're Going"
Moderated by Richard Ouzounian
Participants to include:
Marlene Smith (Producer), Elise Dewsberry (Associate AD, Academy For New Music Theatre, LA),
more to come

Thursday November 23
, 8:00 PM
A Tribute To Norman Campbell

(Composer of Anne Of Green Gables, The Wonder Of it All, Turvey)
The Establishment Of
The Norman Campbell Award
for Canadian Musical Theatre Writers
And a reading of
A musical by Norman Campbell, Elaine Campbell and Don Harron
Directed by Marc Richard
Musical Direction by David Warrack
Performances by:
Kyle Blair, Adam Brazier, Justine Campbell, Doug Chamberlain, Mary Ellen Mahoney,
Marc Richard, Nancy White, Ari Weinberg, Don Harron and David Warrack

Friday November 24
, 8:00 PM
A Showcase Reading of
(Women Of The Klondike)
by Cathy Elliott
Directed by Jim Betts
Musical Direction by Konrad Pluta
Produced by Janet MacEwan
Performances by:
Charlotte Moore, Janet MacEwan, Christine Rossi, Erin VanderBurgh, Diane Stapley,
Sarah Blair Irwin, Marnie Kersten, Brenley Charkow, Amber Mills,
Norah Sheehan, Alexandria Galante, Heather McGuigan, Cherissa Richards,
Melanie Phillipson, Rochelle Kives, Christina Pagel & Cathy Elliott

Saturday November 25, 2:00-5:00 PM
Showcase Readings of
Musicals In Development

Hot Dog (Nelles Van Loon)
Directed by Ralph Small
Musical Direction by Bob Ashley
Produced by Lesley Ballantyne
with Eddie Glen, Carolyn Scott, Ari Wienberg, Victor A. Young, Cindi Carleton, Mark Terene
The Elusive Tart (Clive VanderBurgh)
Directed by Madeline Paul
Produced by Sandy Thorburn
Musical Direction by Clive VanderBurgh
with Liz Beeler, Janelle Hutchison, Avery Saltzman, Erin VanderBurgh, Cam MacDuffee and Sophie Hunter
Love Me (Robert Swerdlow, Vinetta Strombergs, Justine Collective)
Directed and Produced by Vinetta Strombergs
Musical Direction by Konrad Pluta
with Kimmy Choi, Dan Falk, Amanda Moscar, Donnie Marcs, Ben Graham, Julie Michaels, Natasha Pasternak, Nicole Stamp, and more to come
I Just Dance (David Warrack)
Directed by Liz Beeler
Produced by Briane Nasimok
Musical Direction by David Warrack
with Marianne McCord, Susan Henley, Justin Stadnyk, Lauren Busteed, Frank Ruffo, Bruce Thompson

Saturday November 25, 8:00 PM
A Showcase Reading of
by Scott White and Peter Fenton
Directed by Sue Miner
Musical Direction by Scott White
Performances by:
Paula Wolfson, Jeff Moulton, Stuart Dowling, Janet Gigliotti, Ed Sahely,
Patricia Yeatman, Michelle Piller, Rachel Fischer, Russell Tyson Clark  and Tara Baxendale

Sunday November 26
, 2:00-5:00 PM
A Concert Of Songs from
Musicals In Development
Featured Shows and Writers
Jonathan Monro
The Review
The Secret
Variations On A Nervous Breakdown
Jay Turvey and Paul Sportelli
Maria Severa
Beth Harrington
Hard Hats
Scott Leaver and Montgomery Bjornson
The Fae
Jane McCullough
Evangeline. The Musical

Dan Falk and Dan Abrahamson
The Proper Cup Of Coffee
Jim Henman, Dawn Harwood-Jones, Jan Morrison, Malcolm Callaway, Konrad Pluta
Death - The Musical
(Karaoke at the Afterlife Bar and Grill)
Don Carrier and Anaya Farrell
Mel Atkey
Perfect Timing
Robb Torr, Ken MacDougall and Saul Segal
Tipped Off
Joey Miller, James Saar
The Growing Season
Vanessa LeBourdais
The Dreamer's Quest
Eyal Bitton
Miss Persia

More Details TBA

More information soon.

If you have any questions or suggestions,
please email ScriptLab's Artistic Director, Jim Betts at: